We mobilize and organize community initiatives to promote and uphold equal access to education for girls so as to increase the number of girls accessing quality primary and secondary education in Eastern Uganda.TEWDI Uganda provides scholastic materials such as books, uniforms, reusable sanitary pads to girls from poor families to keep them in schools.

Entrepreneurship Skills

TEWDI Uganda education project trains young people to co-create or adapt technologies and entrepreneurship skills that will improve their lives and strengthen their communities by introducing participants to different aspects of design through hands-on examples that are relevant to their daily lives and make them more employable while in school and even after they leave school. This provokes critical thinking and develops vocational skills of young people so they can identify the local problems in their community and build solutions for it.
TEWDI Uganda in partnership with International Development innovation network (IDIN Uganda) work with the local teachers to develop an entire innovation tool- kit, which equips the teachers to implement the curriculum in their classes after initial training by the team. The innovation tool-kit contains; Curriculum, Support Manual for instructors, Local materials required to build the tool kit.

In schools,

TEWDI Uganda works with local schools in implementing an education curriculum, which induces children to think innovatively and perform hands on activities. Hands on skills in the school curriculum, along with constant critical thinking will help them find a skilled based job in their community.

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