TEWDI Uganda has a Board of Directors responsible for the smooth running of the organization through regular meetings and setting up strategies for financing the organization.
The Board of Directors (BOD) provides broader policy guidelines and mentoring to the implementing unit. The BOD has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the programme is implemented appropriately, and that it takes authority to protect and supervise the interests of the beneficiaries and guarantee the support of donors.
The BOD is responsible for employment and deployment of all the project senior staff. It is responsible for the setting of personnel procedures, deciding on administrative and financial management procedures.
The BOD constitutes of sub-committees that include; Finance, procurement and logistics. Staff development, a Welfare and policy development .The board member meets at least four times a year to review programme implementation and organization related matters. On behalf of the BOD, the Treasurer carries out monthly financial supervision. This ensures that the board remains informed of all financial transactions.