Co-creation among students in the annual camp

Youth innovation & Entrepreneurship Skills Project

TEWDI Uganda education and skills project trains young people to co-create or adapt technologies and entrepreneurship skills that will improve their lives and strengthen their communities by introducing participants to different aspects of design through hands-on examples that are relevant to their daily lives and make them more employable while in school and even after they leave school. This provokes critical thinking and develops vocational skills of young people so they can identify the local problems in their community and build solutions for it.
In the annual camps held every January, a partnership team of MIT students from MIT D-Lab and Engineers Without Boarders, IDIN Uganda Chapter and TEWDI Uganda staff comes together to run a workshop focused on engaging youth in harnessing their creativity to address needs found in their community through innovation, maker culture, and hands-on science.
By partnering with local students to remake their environment, the two week camp introduces lessons and activities designed to have youth showcase their approaches to local innovation that are community-driven, and sustainable. The participants work to accomplish this task by utilizing local resources, creating innovations that address community needs, and making their approaches sustainable.