TEWDI Uganda strategies;

  1. Community Outreach and Education. We believe in providing community members with information which they can use to make informed decisions for improving their lives. We make use of community dialogue meetings during community out reaches, printed leaflets with messages and radio talk shows etc to provide relevant information to the communities on issue related to gender and development, environmental sustainability and good horticultural practices. We strive to disseminate this to partners who are keen and passionate on the same issues for further input and generation of solutions through sharing our findings with them and our stakeholders.
  2. Livelihood Skills Building focuses on providing community members especially young people and women with skills which help them to harness their creativity to address needs found in their community through innovation, maker culture, and hands-on science. Together with our partners, we develop innovations in small scale irrigation and soil-water management technologies, fitting the needs of small holder fruit and vegetable growers in Eastern Uganda through participatory process.
  3. Lobbying And Advocacy to influence positions, polices legislation’s and programs through partnering with like minded organizations and individuals to rise to the challenge of addressing issues and defending rights of community members especially  women and children..